Office History

Dr. Steven Moravec’s office is in one of the oldest buildings in Plainfield. His restoration preserved the building’s historic integrity while creating a modern, aesthetically pleasing orthodontic office. Historical documents show the home was built in 1852 by Catherine and Jonathan Hager.

Hagar House 1878


The drawing of the house was reproduced from an 1878 Will County plat book that recorded significant houses of the era.

Hagar House 1890


This 1890s photograph is the earliest known of the house. The woman standing in front of the house is Jonathan Hagar’s second wife; Catherine Hagar had died in 1858. The plat book drawing and photograph were used by Dr. Moravec to aid in restoring the Hagar house to its original character.

Hagar House 1989


The above photograph shows the home in 1989 when Dr. Moravec acquired it, and the two smaller photographs below show the renovation in progress.

Hagar House Renovation


Hagar House Renovation


The nine-month renovation removed non-original additions. The reception area, bathroom, foyer, and part of the current waiting area were constructed in their place. The 1920s asbestos siding was removed to expose the original wood siding, the side porch and front alcove were restored to their original positions, and the dirt basement floor was finished in concrete.

Additions in 1996 and 2000 doubled the size of the waiting room and treatment areas and added the video game room and business office. In 2006 the interior was redesigned and redecorated.

Hagar House 2007


This above is a current image of the office.

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